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station4 HISTORY
The Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1868, making it the oldest fire department in Clear Creek County. The first fire company was formed in December 1969 with hose cars, 300 feet of hose, 50 buckets and one fire engine. In February of 1870 the first fire house was built on the east side of Taos Street, north of 10th. The first fire company reorganized as the Georgetown Fire and Hose Company with the Old Missouri fire hose as its home. The Star Hook & Ladder Company was organized in 1871 at the east end of Alpine (6th) Street between Taos and Griffith. On July 23, 1874, Hope Hose #1 was organized with Tom Guanella as foreman. Its building was located at the west end of Alpine (6th) Street. On the south side of 5th Street between Rose and Taos, Alpine Hose #2 was organized on November 24, 1874. In 1886, the Georgetown Fire and Hose Company had 183 active members and 3,500 feet of hose.

In 1950 the Georgetown Fire Department purchased its first motorized fire truck. The fifth fire house was organized in 1970 and at the ground breaking ceremonies on April 15, 1972 was established as the Georgetown Fire Department Vigilant #5. At the dedication and grand opening of the new fire station, Georgetown also introduced its second fire truck. Prior to the purchase of these trucks, all calls were handled with hose carts and bucket brigade. At one point the firefighters pulled the hose carts behind personally owned vehicles when there was a fire call. With the purchase of the second fire truck the volunteers voted to respond to calls outside the city limits. Of the five fire houses, four remain standing

In 1989, the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department signed an intergovernmental agreement with the Clear Creek Emergency Services General Improvement District (ESD), which was formed in 1988 by the voters in the unincorporated areas of Clear Creek County. As a participant with the ESD, Georgetown contributed to the consolidated fire protection effort in Clear Creek County through intergovernmental agreements with Idaho Springs, Silver Plume, and Empire.

In 1998 Georgetown became part of the Clear Creek Fire Authority, which is presently the governmental entity responsible for providing fire protection in Clear Creek County.


Currently, the volunteer firefighters of Station 4 (Georgetown) operate four pieces of apparatus. 


All apparatus at Station 4 (Georgetown Fire Department) is compliant with all ISO recommended equipment.